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Publishing a Backlist Even if You Don’t Have One

One of the tricks of discoverability – which is how easy it is for readers to find your books, or “discover” you – is to publish many books at the same time, or within a short period.

One way of doing that is to publish your backlist – that is, books you’ve written which are either out of print or for which you’ve had rights reverted to you from the publisher.

But…what if you don’t have a backlist? Then what?

Well, even new authors can replicate the backlist. But, it will take time and patience.

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Book is Back from the Editor

Well! I received my book last night back from the copy editor/proofreader. She turned the manuscript around, just as she promised, within two weeks of my sending it to her.

Over the weekend, I’ll be poring over the document and seeing what I agree with and will accept, and what I don’t and will reject. But I’m very excited, because she left me very complimentary remarks in the email back to me.

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Writing Myths

Author Dean Wesley Smith has a few books about myths in writing circles. Some of them are myths of traditional publishing, some are myths of indie publishing, and some are just myths writers are taught, often by people who aren’t writers.

I’ve been a victim of some of these, and when the belief somehow becomes entrenched, it can be hard to slip out of it. Sometimes it can be damaging to a career.

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