About the Author

I’m a fiction author.  In some other circles, I’m known by the handle “DarcKnyt”.

Well … okay, I’m not an author yet.  That’s what I want to be, if I grow up.  Er … I mean, when I grow up.  To me, “author” implies having something in print, on the shelves at Borders or Barnes & Noble, not self-published, and earning whatever pittance one can earn from writing.  That’s not me.  Not yet.

In the meantime, I work to improve my prose, and I try to grow with each piece.  I like to write horror most, but I’ve branched out into other things as well.  I’ve even tried tackling a piece of literary fiction, and while those who’ve seen it and taken the time to comment loved it, it’s a hard, slow row to hoe for me.  It’s outside my realm, so to speak.

As you’ll note from the number of pieces here, I’m not hyper-prolific, and I still have some growing to do.  The novels posted here are first-drafts, unedited except for obvious typo and misspelling corrections.  The short stories are a little less time consuming to edit, so some of those are more polished and ready for view.

Personally, I’m a Christian, husband and father, fast approaching middle age, regretting my youth, which was lost to stupid things and not spent writing — as it should’ve been.  I have two young children (young at the time of this writing anyway) who are the lights of my life, and my wife is best friend, editor, confidante, trusted companion and first fan.  She’s everything to me, and I couldn’t live without her; not well, anyway.

Well, if anything clever or funny strikes me to put in this space, I’ll update it.  Otherwise, I’m through talkin’ here.  Have a good time, and if you take the time to read my work, do let me know what you think.  I’d love to hear from you.

God bless you.