Tools in the Toolbox

Kristine Kathryn Rusch has an interesting blog post up today about how writers are all being herded into writing in flat, bland tones. She called it “Serious Writer Voice.” I nodded knowingly, because I’ve seen Serious Writer Voice before, and wondered at it.

Trouble is, I might be writing in Serious Writer Voice without even knowing it.

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Challenge Accepted

I gave myself a challenge at the start of the year: Write for an hour a day, or about a thousand words, and do more if you have the time and wherewithal.

During January, the alignment of life and stress targeted any motivation I had to get going, and I failed my challenge miserably. I determined then to restart the challenge this month, and it was the perfect convergence of the first and a Monday.

How’d I do?

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600 Words – Nursing Home

“Nobody believes me!”

The old man’s voice bounced around the common room of the nursing home, under the roar of the TV mounted to the wall and the general murmur of many voices.

Jackie shifted in the hard plastic chair under her, and pretended not to hear. The bangles and bracelets ringing her arm halfway to the elbow grated on the old Formica table top.

“No one will listen,” he said again, voice tight, “but it’s true! It’s true! They’re coming!”

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