600 Words – Nursing Home

“Nobody believes me!”

The old man’s voice bounced around the common room of the nursing home, under the roar of the TV mounted to the wall and the general murmur of many voices.

Jackie shifted in the hard plastic chair under her, and pretended not to hear. The bangles and bracelets ringing her arm halfway to the elbow grated on the old Formica table top.

“No one will listen,” he said again, voice tight, “but it’s true! It’s true! They’re coming!”

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Courage to Write

I have to confess, I lack courage.

One of the things I want more than anything else is to creep someone out with my writing. To be able to do that consistently, actually. Not necessarily gross someone out – I’m not talking about gore here. I’m talking about someone closing the book and being either afraid, or uneasy, because of what I wrote.

But what about something that makes me uneasy? Could I write that?

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light leak15

Getting Closer

I think I’m closer to starting a new story soon. I see things in my head, and that usually means there’s a story writhing around in my brain, looking for the birth canal.

I’ve done some major thinking and learning about things over the last few weeks, and maybe some of that stuff needs to settle, to hit the writing gullet as it were, so I can churn it up and use it.

What, ask you, have I been masticating during my down time this past (sickly) weekend?

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