Settling Down

Things are settling down some on my day job now that I’m only doing one job instead of two or three. That’s good news.

But I have to play catch-up from the long weekend and make sure I get what should have been done yesterday done today, so tomorrow resumes its normal schedule. And that’s less good news. It means I’ll be pretty busy for a couple of days.

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Busyness and Mayhem

I may be offline for a while, as I deal with things at work (my real, bill-paying job, not the fantasy, write-for-money job I’m still wishing for). I have to do my job and cover for someone who’s on vacation this week, so that might leave little opportunity to connect.

I hate to leave you all stranded with nothing to amuse you, but the strains of life can do that. Hopefully this won’t be the advent of another long silence.

Have a good week if we don’t talk, and I hope to see you again on the other side of Labor Day weekend (in the US).