Patience and Persistence

Once again, my new writing hero Dean Wesley Smith has slapped me across the face with my own poor attitude and behavior and righted my listing writing ship. Metaphorically. I’m sure he wouldn’t slap me in person.

Well, maybe.

Anyway, while storytelling and business skills can be taught, patience and persistence can’t. And that is today’s lesson for me.

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To the Heart, or to the Market?

There’s a lot of advice floating around author forums on how to do indie publishing the “right way.”

And there’s no shortage of input from people outside the indie publishing world on it, too.

But how does an indie writer, struggling to make it in a sea of self-published books and authors, know what advice is good and what should be ignored?

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Deja Vu All Over Again

I was out with a sinus headache yesterday. I stayed home from work and fought that back until mid-morning, and then recovered (read: was lazy) until mid-afternoon, when my loving spouse said, “What are you doing wasting all this awesome writing time?”

And I had no answer. So I shut down Mass Effect 3 (no mean feat for me, by the bye), and opened up Microsoft Word.

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Moving Up the Learning Curve

I finished my last novel in July of this year. Like most typical writers, I decided to celebrate the achievement by laying back, basking in the afterglow of my pride, and just breathe in the awesomeness. But something weird happened when I did that.

I found it – and am still finding it – very difficult to get going on a new book. Or story, however long it might end up.

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